A Composite Dental Filling Mimics Natural Tooth Enamel

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A cavity that appears on one of your teeth when you smile can be unsightly as well as cause lingering sensitivity and discomfort. Without timely treatment, even a small area of tooth decay can become a significant dental health problem.

If you have noticed a problem with one of your teeth, you should have it examined as soon as possible by our dentist, Dr. Michael Shirer. After examining the tooth and assessing the severity of the problem they will explain your possible treatment options. In many cases, a simple dental filling can effectively treat a minor case of tooth decay.

At the start of the treatment process the dentists will numb the tooth and surrounding gums. Once you are comfortable they will carefully remove all traces of tooth decay. This will also create a surface for the filling material to bond with your tooth.

A composite dental filling is often a good option for treating an area that will appear when you smile. It is type of dental grade plastic that can be shaded to match the existing tooth enamel. After the dentists has shaded and applied the composite material, they will polish it to strengthen it, and help it to blend in with the tooth.

If you live in the Aiken, South Carolina, area and you have a cavity on one of your front teeth, you should call 803-648-6400 to have it treated and repaired at Shirer Family Dentistry.