Dental Sealants Are Especially Beneficial to Children For Six Reasons

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If you are considering ways that you can help your child improve their dental health, we would like to take this time to suggest dental sealants. These protective restorations coat the chewing surfaces of molars and premolars to provide extra protection for hard-to-reach areas on these teeth. Here are six ways your child’s smile can flourish after receiving dental sealants:

1. Their risk of tooth decay can decrease as much as 80 percent after receiving a dental sealant on vulnerable teeth.

2. Dental sealants help protect the tooth enamel by blocking the harmful acids that build up on teeth and often remain on the tooth enamel for extended periods of time.

3. Dental sealants provide long-lasting protection and are well worth the investment because they have the durability to last as long as ten years.

4. Children as young as six can receive dental sealants, which is the age that many children begin receiving their adult molars and premolars.

5. Due to the clear or tooth-colored appearance of dental veneers, they won’t alter the appearance of your child’s smile or conceal their teeth.

6. Children who have poor dental habits or teeth with deep fissures are typically 3 times less likely to develop a cavity if they have dental sealants.

To learn more about how dental sealants can positively impact your child’s dental health, we invite you to call 803-648-6400 and speak with our friendly team. We would be happy to arrange a visit with your child and our dentists, Drs. Michael and Susannah Shirer, to receive dental sealants in Aiken, South Carolina.