Does Your Child Have Dental Anxiety?

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At Shirer Family Dentistry, your child can have a calm and enjoyable dental checkup by receiving laughing gas, or nitrous oxide. We are pleased to offer this method of sedation dentistry to assist children who struggle with dental anxiety and have a hard time sitting through dental care. If your child struggles to feel calm during dental checkups, we encourage you to speak with our pediatric dentist about laughing gas.

When your child settles into the dental chair, we can place a mask over their nose that starts the flow of calming gas to help them relax during the visit. Not only is no injection required for this, but the odorless gas prevents unpleasant smells from making your child uncomfortable. The effects of laughing gas occur quickly, allowing us to start your child’s dental treatment without delay.

Even with laughing gas, your child should remain awake during the visit so that they can respond to any questions or instructions and receive successful treatment. At the end, we can use oxygen to flush away the gas and ensure your child regains awareness of their surroundings before they go home.

Laughing gas is extremely safe for most children, though some medical conditions can result in complications that prevent it from being an option for everyone. A thorough review of your child’s health history can tell our dentist whether your child is cleared to use laughing gas at their next dental visit.

Contact Shirer Family Dentistry at 803-648-6400 today if you would like to learn more about the benefits of laughing gas in Aiken, South Carolina. Dr. Michael Shirer and Dr. Susannah Shirer look forward to speaking with you!