Have a Tooth Gap? Fill It with a Dental Implant

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Have you heard of dental implants and their smile-saving abilities? In the last 20 years or so, modern dental technology has made dental implants a very popular and effective procedure for replacing a missing tooth. Our team here in Aiken, SC, are happy to tell you more about dental implants and how they can help you fill gaps in your smile!

To perform the procedure itself, this typically needs to be done on an outpatient basis to ensure an optimal process. After creating a narrow channel in the bone structure of your jaw, our team can place a titanium screw in the jawbone that serves as a tooth root replacement. We offer titanium as our metal of choice because this material is very safe biologically and has the strength to keep your implant stable for many years. Over time, it is designed to attach to the surrounding bone material in a process known as osseointegration that fuses and creates a very strong anchor.

Following the completion of this procedure, our team can place a temporary dental crown on the implant to keep it protected. You will need to undergo a certain amount of recovery time in order for your gums to heal fully, and this varies for each patient depending on factors such as overall health, age and how much care the dental implant and mouth receive at home.

When your mouth is ready for the next step, we can schedule an appointment at our office to fit your dental implant with a dental crown that replaces the temporary prosthetic on your abutment. We design the final crown to be durable like your implant so that, with oral health habits such as daily tooth brushing and flossing and routine visits to the dentist for dental checkups, you can have a dental implant that lasts for many years. There is also the availability of a dental bridge, complete or partial denture if that is what you need instead.

After your smile is restored, you not only have the cosmetic and functional aspects of your teeth back, but you have a healthier smile. “How?” you may ask, but the restoration of your smile benefits your overall health as well. If left untreated, bacteria and infections can sneak into the unprotected areas of your mouth and cause tooth decay to your surrounding teeth and eventually affect your immune system. It can also prevent your jaw from diminishing. If there are no teeth, your jaw can weaken, changing the ways you speak, eat and even look.

Contact our practice today and schedule an appointment if you would like to learn more about dental implant placement and how it can restore your smile to its full and proper form. We’ll do an evaluation to see if you qualify for this treatment (this can sometimes depend on the health and form of the jaw or any illnesses). If you do receive a dental implant, be sure to take the right steps to protect it and the rest of your smile from any infections or decay. Feel free to give Shirer Family Dentistry a call at 803-648-6400 today! We are open on Fridays and are always happy to share our expertise.