Helping Dentures Keep Their Shape

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Custom-made dentures are available here at Shirer Family Dentistry in Aiken, South Carolina. Our team wants to ensure that you have a full smile that is aesthetically-pleasing, functional so you can speak, eat and chew, as well as how comfortable it feels in your mouth. We offer both complete and partial dentures depending on which kind you need. We have the equipment here in south Aiken to examine and evaluate which treatment is best for you and the best fit for your smile.

These appliances, like many other objects in your life, need care in order to last for an extended period of time. Dentures need your careful attention so they can fit snugly in your mouth. One thing to remember that the shape of dentures can get twisted and bent. If this occurs, then putting them in your mouth can be like trying to shove a square peg into a small round hole, and you may have to get them replaced more often than you’d like. The tips that you can follow can help you keep the dentures in their proper shape as well as maintain their function.

Keeping dentures moist and not letting them get dry is important. When they dry up, they can lose their structural integrity and contort their shape. When you take them out at bedtime, you can set them in a cup or container that is full of water so they never get dry. You can also use soaking solutions, which are designed for dentures, for this purpose.

As far as water goes, never heat it up and put your dentures in it. Hot water can drastically alter the shape of dentures, making them useless to you. As you are cautious not to subject them to this heat, the dentures can last you for years.

Some additional steps you can do to take care of your dentures is to regularly brush off debris and soaking them in deep-cleaning solution (most commonly in the form of tablets). Use soft-bristled brushes, and avoid any products containing bleach, chlorine or aimed at teeth whitening. After you’ve soaked them, brush off any remaining debris or other food particles, and rinse them before placing them back in your mouth.

When your dentures are not properly taken care of, a number of other problems can arise. Food particles tend to stick to your dentures, leading to bad breath (halitosis), oral tissue inflammation from plaque buildup, bacteria leading to infections, and even cause gum disease or mouth sores. This can even lead to chronic issues like heart disease, diabetes and a number of other health problems. To avoid these, be sure to clean your dentures regularly.

If you want to consider dentures or need to replace your current ones, we can help you here at Shirer Family Dentistry in Aiken, South Carolina. Our dentists are happy to help you with whatever you need. To set up an appointment or ask a few questions, you are welcome to call 803-648-6400, and we will be there to serve you. We are also open on Fridays, so we’ll be happy to take your calls then as well. Give us a call today!