Improve Your Oral Health With Sugar-Free Gum

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Did you know, you can improve your oral health with sugarless gum? Yes, it’s true! Sugar-free gum has many advantages when it comes to your oral health. As a result, you can still be chewing gum as a treat while keeping your smile healthy and in tip-top shape.

Our dentists, Dr. Michael Shirer, encourages you to keep your oral health in healthy condition. That is why our team at Shirer Family Dentistry in Aiken, South Carolina, is excited to share with you facts and tips on sugarless gum.

Here are some fun-filled facts on how to improve your health with sugar-free gum:

– Heartburn can be treated with sugarless gum because it can decrease the acids in your throat that can damage your teeth and causes heartburn in the first place.

– Chewing sugarless gum for a minimum of twenty minutes after a meal can prevent cavities while improving saliva production as well.

– Sugarless gum is not ever to be considered a substitute for brushing or flossing your teeth regularly.

– Sugarless gum is gentle on your teeth and gums and can help clean them without the use of potentially abrasive products that can scratch or damage your tooth enamel.

– The production of saliva deactivates acids produced by harmful bacteria and provides disease-fighting substances in your mouth.

– Gum filled with sugar can cling to your teeth causing severe damage and tooth decay to your teeth.

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