Outlining the Basics of Cavity Prevention

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Cavity prevention is one of the pillars of oral health care. To help prevent cavities, it is important to make sure you are implementing effective habits in all areas of your life. This includes not only monitoring the foods and drinks you consume but your cleaning habits as well. For a list of effective cavity prevention techniques, consider the following:

– Be sure to brush your teeth twice every day for an adequate cleaning to remove any food or harmful acids in your mouth.

– Add supplementary oral health cleaning utensils into your day-to-day dental care, including mouthwash and chewing gum.

– Use chewing gum or similar products to help spur the production of saliva.

– Focus on flossing every day in between your teeth in areas that your toothbrush cannot reach.

– Schedule routine visits, comprehensive examinations, and cleanings with your dentist.

– Eat healthy foods and focus on what products you are consuming. Avoid sugary and starchy products and other similar substances that can contribute to dental erosion, tooth decay, and cavities.

– Avoid foods that can linger in your mouth long after eating them. This includes sticky or chewy foods that can increase the rate at which dental erosion occurs.

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