The Benefits of Six Month Smiles®

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Are you looking for a quick, affordable equipment that will straighten your teeth? Homemade braces with wire and glue may have crossed your mind, but we highly suggest you do NOT follow this avenue for a better smile. Here at Shirer Family Dentistry, we offer a fast and effective solution: Six Month Smiles®.

These short-term braces can straighten your teeth within the wingspan of, you guessed it, six months.

The steps for this are simple:

– First, meet with our team here in Aiken, South Carolina, to see if you’re a viable candidate.
– Your new braces are applied within an hour’s time and you’re set to go!
– As you adjust to having braces, you’ll see differences every month as your teeth move into their correct position.
– By the end of the six-month period, you will have a wonderfully, straight smile you can show off to everyone!

In comparison, traditional braces take an average of 18-32 months to straighten your teeth. This innovative approach to straightening your smile not only helps you to have a more aesthetically pleasing smile but an overall healthier smile. Having braces puts you at a higher risk of dental problems since regular dental maintenance is not enough; a much more thorough oral care regimen is required to clean all the nooks and crannies. With Six Month Smiles, you cut down the time, thus resulting in you getting back to your regular dental care.

The other benefits of having a straight smile include the following:

– Healthier teeth and gums: When teeth are spaced incorrectly or too crowded, this can affect how well they are cleaned every day. If an area is constantly blocked, then it can lead to tooth decay and cavities to form. If the gums don’t correctly form around the teeth, they can be exposed to gum disease or other periodontal problems.

– Fix an improper bite and alignment: If you have crooked teeth, this can affect the alignment of your bite as well as your jaw. This ultimately affects your chewing and speech abilities.

– Helps with speech impediments: sometimes crooked, diastema (gap between the front two teeth) or overlapping teeth can cause a lisp, change the placement of your tongue or allow excess air to pass between teeth. After your teeth are straightened, this can correct your speech impediment. If it continues, be sure to speak with another professional on how it can be fixed.

– Lowers risk of injury: The soft tissues in your mouth can suffer from misaligned teeth, leading to cuts on the lips or cheeks. This can ultimately lead to infections, affecting your overall health.

– Prevent oral infections: These infections in your mouth can affect more than your mouth; it can lead to more serious issues such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, pneumonia, and tooth loss.

– Easier on your wallet: With straight teeth, you can have less dental problems, resulting in less intense dental care for the rest of your life!

With healthier and straight teeth, you’ll have the confidence to show off your smile to everyone you meet! This easy solution is perfect for those seeking a quick, easy dental fix. If you are looking for a dental office near you, be sure to give us a call at 803-648-6400. Dr. Michael Shirer and our team will be happy to make an appointment to determine whether Six Month Smiles is for you!