Helping Dentures Keep Their Shape

Custom-made dentures are available here at Shirer Family Dentistry in Aiken, South Carolina. Our team wants to ensure that you have a full smile that is aesthetically-pleasing, functional so you can speak, eat and chew, as well as how comfortable it feels in your mouth. We offer both complete and partial dentures depending on which kind you need. We have... read more »

Kids and the Dentist

When you have young kids, there are a lot of questions you’ll likely want to ask about their oral health. When is it time to teach them to brush? What about flossing? And when should they see the dentist for the first time? The good news is, there are answers to all of those questions. Even better is the fact... read more »

Fun Facts About Your Tongue

Although you’ve probably seen it every day, how often do you really think about your tongue? It’s probably something that you take for granted. It might make an appearance when you are taking fun pictures, or when you are playing with a young child. It helps you eat food by moving it around your mouth, but unless it’s bitten, this... read more »

Improve Your Oral Health With Sugar-Free Gum

Did you know, you can improve your oral health with sugarless gum? Yes, it’s true! Sugar-free gum has many advantages when it comes to your oral health. As a result, you can still be chewing gum as a treat while keeping your smile healthy and in tip-top shape. Our dentists, Dr. Michael Shirer, encourages you to keep your oral health... read more »

What is a Bone Graft?

Some things in the dental world are widely known and understood - things like filling cavities, braces, and dental crowns. But fewer people know about bone grafting as it relates to dentistry. It’s actually a critical part of some aspects of dentistry, including periodontistry - the prevention and treatment of gum disease. So what exactly is a bone graft? And... read more »